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I got an email stating there was an 'Issue Connecting Bank Account'

Tribevest will notify you if your source account becomes unlinked due to a variety of reasons.

The reason you received the above email is due to your linked source account falling into an error state in our system. This error is being triggered by the connection created using Plaid.

Typically, this is due to an update or change in your linked source account. This could be an update with your banking software, a change in password, etc. 

How do I resolve this issue? 

To resolve this disconnect, please login to your Tribevest account and navigate to your Account Management (top right, toggle on your account name). 

Within your account management, under Linked Source Account you will see:

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 4.06.10 PM

Select 'Relink Account' and complete the Plaid set up instructions provided.