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How to invest using your SDIRA in Tribevest

Some deals may allow you to invest using a qualified account. Tribevest requires you to create an SDIRA profile for investing with this entity.

Investing with an SDIRA may require some time to coordinate fund transfers. If you are considering using an SDIRA for your investment, it's crucial to reach out to your custodian once you have the deal details to kickstart the investment process. They might request a copy of the Operating Agreement for the Tribe/LLC.

If you have not set up an SDIRA yet, it is important to decide on a custodian to open an SDIRA with and start the rollover process from your existing IRA promptly. Please note that Tribevest does not facilitate the application for a new SDIRA account through our platform.

Contributing with your SDIRA involves a more detailed process compared to a standard checking account. Coordination with the custodian is crucial as they will handle all transfers into the investment and provide necessary details for adding them as a payee for the distribution of returns.

Registering your SDIRA in Tribevest

Option 1 - Accept Tribe Invitation as your SDIRA

  1. Upon receiving your invitation to join the Tribe, you will be guided to register and set up an account.
  2. When prompted on how you intend to invest in your Tribe, please choose the 'Other' category since you are utilizing an SDIRA.

3. To fill out your SDIRA profile, you will need to know your SDIRA and the address. If you do not know this information, you need to reach out to your custodian and they can provide it to you. Screen Recording 2023-10-19 at 10.40.59 AM

4. After you create your SDIRA profile, you will be prompted to complete the rest of your user registration. 

Option 2 - Create a Profile for your SDIRA

In the case you do not have a new Tribe to join, but still wish to add your SDIRA to Tribevest, you can use our Profile system to create a new Entity profile for it.