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How do I create a Funding Round?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to establish a funding round on the Tribevest platform. Once a funding round has been established, each member will schedule their own contribution(s) to meet their commitment to fund the round. 

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  1. Login to Tribevest
  2. From the My Dashboard view select the tribe to which you would like to set up a funding round
  3. Hover over the Funding Menu item. Select Funding Rounds from the drop-down menu
  4. Within the Funding Rounds view, select the Create Funding Round button. This will open the Create New Funding Round form.
  5. Name the funding round (typically related to how the funds will be used)
  6. Description - an optional place to provide more context about the use of funds for the specific funding round
  7. Contribution Range - Set the total minimum and total maximum contribution amounts for members to participate
  8. Deadline - the date contributions need to be completed to participate in the funding round
  9. Select the Create Funding Round button at the bottom of the form to make the Funding Round active